Lilly the Deer Saved

By | June 24, 2013

Former Genesee County Circuit Judge Val Washington announced a deal with the DNR Monday to allow Lilly to remain with her caretakers:


FLINT MICHIGAN – I am pleased to announce today, after several weeks of negotiations, that an agreement has been reached with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources that will allow Lilly to remain in the care of her caretakers. Given Lilly’s unique circumstances, the deal represents the best possible outcome for her continued health and survival. Lilly’s Caretakers have applied for an Exhibition Class Permit and they will continue to provide Lilly with the love, care, and environment she needs to thrive.


Lilly’s Caretakers are today issuing the following public statement:


“Lilly’s Caretakers recognize that the circumstances under which Lilly became a member of their household and hearts are unique and were not authorized by any rule, or law of the State of Michigan. Lilly’s Caretakers fully recognize that there are rules and laws in the State of Michigan that govern the possession and ownership of wild animals and prohibit persons from taking wild animals from the wild and possessing wild animals without a validly issued permit by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources. Lilly’s Caretakers strongly encourage all citizens of the State of Michigan to leave wild animals in the wild, and if they come into a circumstance where they are in possession of a wild animal, they should follow the rules and laws of the State of Michigan that cover possession and owning wild animals including, but not limited to, immediately seeking the guidance and direction of the Michigan Department of Natural Resources before taking any individual action related to any wild animal. We, the Caretakers of Lilly the Deer have applied for a Privately Owned Cervidae Facility – Exhibition Class Permit from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and will abide by the requirements for that permit to the best of our ability.”

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