First Priority Facilitation Services ™

SETTLEmate® Inc. employs a unique team of experts to assist local government units with early resolution of property tax appeals, precise measurement and visualization of disputed parcels. Utilizing Point of Difference® technology, SETTLEmate® Inc. fashions different solutions, should they be necessary, using actuarially recognized formulas.

SETTLEmate® Inc.’s First Priority Faciliation Services ™ provide both local units of government and petitioners with winning solutions as the disputed matters are presented in a private/confidential setting that allows each side to make their best arguments without the jeopardy of adjudication.

The advantages of SETTLEmate® Inc.’s First Priority Faciliation Services ™ are:

  1. Prompt resolution of property tax appeals
  2. Lower legal expenses
  3. Precise measurements and imagery of the local real property parcels; and,
  4. Assistance with structuring settlement payments should they be necessary

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