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As *Local Units of Government try to manage their affairs today, the issues are easy to spot, but hard to resolve. Reduced revenue is the leading issue that presents the biggest obstacle to fiscal stability. Budgets that were balanced when revenues flowed freely are now suffering from the declining revenues; however, the day-to-day cost of governing has grown. In addition to current expenditures, increasing legacy costs place greater demands upon the static/shrinking General Fund.


SETTLEmate® has developed strategies for Local Units of Government under its Model for Change™ that will track cash expenditures more accurately, cut down/eliminate waste and fraud, and give a true picture of where departments have been spending money.


Complimenting the cash tracking strategy segment of its Model for Change™,SETTLEmate® has developed two additional strategies that impact revenue and expenditures. The first strategy enhances revenue in the near term and the long term from existing resources. The revenue enhancing strategy requires new organization and structure in selected departments with an outcome that reverses the decline and provides a source of future passive revenue. The second complimentary strategy creates and implements a plan for reducing legacy health care costs and unfunded pension liabilities.


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*In Michigan, any unit of government that is not the State of Michigan is considered a Local Unit of Government

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