Mediator Aptitude Testing

Mediator Training

Employee Issue Resolution Training Program
Fractional employee interactions may be negatively impacting your “bottom line.” Our Employee Issue Resolution training program is designed to do the following for your organization:

  1. •Assess your workplace environment, with input from all stakeholders
  2. •Tailor the training curriculum to fit your specific needs
  3. •Implement the training program
  4. •Review the training program results and transition the program to your organization

Civil Court Cases
We offer parties an innovative, effective choice that is quicker and cheaper than the normal formal legal process. Our resolution tools include mediation, facilitation, focus groups, arbitration, and mock trials. By using these tools, our clients are able to reach a binding, cost effective agreement without entering into trial in the courtroom.

Business to Business (B2B) Dispute
Are you in a business relationship that has started to sour? We can help you by mediating a win-win solution for all parties concerned. We understand the need to resolve this dispute, while not causing any interruption in your ongoing business relationship. Our skilled mediators can assist you with resolving your immediate concern, helping you preserve your all-important ongoing relationship.


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